June 4, 2008

Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:30 pm by bitsypieces

This graduation gift post at Stop the Ride! started me thinking. My niece is graduating from high school this Saturday, and we need to give her a gift. Here are the details:

  • At this point, she’s unsure if she’ll be moving far away to a 4-year school, or if she’ll be living at home with mom and attending the local community college.
  • Last year when her older sister graduated, we gave the sister a nice, used television for her dorm room. (So we need something in the equivalent price range… about $50.)
  • When I asked my MIL what Graduating Niece would most like to receive, the response was “money.”

Now… I’d prefer to NOT give cash. Mostly because I didn’t give money to the first niece. (My own mother was a stickler for ‘even’ gifts between siblings… I guess some of that rubbed off on me.)

Any thoughts? If she was going off to college, we’d probably get her a microwave or some other useful appliance. But if she stays home… I have no idea.

*NOTE: And yes, I know that waiting until 2 days before graduation is a little late to be thinking about the gift. But hey. I’m pregnant. Cut me a break.



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  3. Stephanie said,

    Thanks for the link. Obviously I’m not much help! 😉 HOpe you come up with somethign good!

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