May 13, 2008

Our Cold Experience

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:37 pm by bitsypieces

We finally purchased a deep freeze.

Large appliance stores are limited in my area.  Our choices are Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears and one independent appliance store.  There are a few used appliance stores, but their inventory is questionable and their prices are comparable to new, bargain-priced appliances.

We spent approximately 3 weeks browsing for a new deep freeze.  We knew we wanted an upright, and we knew we needed at least 11 cubic feet.  We were willing to go with a manual defrost to save the money.

We visited each store at least twice to check out their prices and sales.  Sears seemed to change their prices most often, and were most likely to have floor models for sale.

Early on in our shopping–the first day we really browsed for freezers–we found an 11 cubic foot model for $270.  It was the final day of the sale.  I knew this was a great price, since I’d been watching sales fliers and browsing websites for weeks.  Hubby, however, insisted that we comparison shop some more.

For the next three weeks or so we shopped and compared.  We never found a deal that good again.

Instead, we ended up with a foot floor model for $300 (including 6% tax).  Not a bad deal, but not as good as the original one we saw.

The moral of the story:  If you see a bargain–and you know it’s a bargain–scoop it up before the sale ends.


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