April 30, 2008

Stocking Up On Food?

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Is it time to stock up on food? According to this WSJ op-ed piece–brought to my attention by a post at Like Merchant Ships–we should be loading our pantries with non-perishable food items.

Personally, I think it’s a little extreme to create a massive stockpile of food. But I realize that there are folks who disagree with me on this topic.

Hubby and I always keep a small stockpile in our basement. It’s mostly overflow of canned goods that I’ve purchased on sale with coupons, but it’s usually not more than two grocery-bags worth of items.

I have been hinting to him (Ok… I’ve been almost-insisting) that we buy a deep freeze. Once Baby arrives, I think a deep freeze will be an extremely useful way to prep foods ahead of time so we can eat “homemade” without much work. Although I probably won’t follow the whole “once a month” cooking philosophy, I probably will make extra large batches of things like spaghetti sauce and then freeze the surplus. Additionally, it will help me store foods purchased on sale, like bags of shrimp or frozen veggies.

As for things like grains–which seem to be a big source of panic for lots of people–I checked my local Asian food store yesterday, and they are still selling huge bags of rice for regular prices. So they’re not rationing their rice, and they haven’t yet jacked up the cost. If I notice the price creeping up, I may buy a big bag of rice and store it in an airtight container… just as a precaution. But I suspect that’s about the most I’ll do when it comes to stockpiling.

Because, in reality, sooner or later your stockpile will be depleted. So exactly how big should we build it? I could see something like this growing out of control very quickly, just like Y2K.


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  1. Mary T said,

    nice blog! I have a similar take to you on stocking up– I do stock up but only a reasonable amount. I don’t really believe one can prepare for disaster that way–for one thing you don’t know what disaster you are preparing for–what if its your house being blown down? There went the pantry. LOL. Mary t

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