April 29, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 4:12 pm by bitsypieces

My Hubby made himself a whole chicken last night for dinner.  He didn’t eat it all–he barely ate half a breast.  Much of the leftover meat can be used to make him sandwiches for his lunch this week, but that still leaves a hefty remainder.

We also have a boatload of leftover rice.

The obvious leftover choice seemed to be a chicken and rice casserole (which I can then freeze and take to my dad, who needs some help in the kitchen now that Mom is gone).  However, as I perused chicken and rice casserole recipes on the web, I realized that almost all of them contain some type of “cream of” soup (such as cream of celery).

Perhaps I’m one of the few–or maybe it’s pregnant-lady syndrome–but “cream of” soup sounds totally disgusting to me.

Chicken and rice soup is out of the question (it was one of the foods Mom ate often during her last days… too many negative memories attached to it for Dad).  And anything ethnic–like chicken fried rice–will not appeal to my father.

However, both the frugal and environmental side of me wants to avoid as much waste as possible.  At this point I am considering a chicken potpie (for the leftover meat).  I’ll just eat the rice myself during the next few days.  It’s not the simplest solution, but it’s the best I can do to avoid a bunch of wasted food.


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