April 28, 2008

Cloth Diapers

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After a lot of research, Hubby and I have decided to cloth diaper Baby. We’re going to do a mix of inexpensive prefold diapers and pricier fitted/all-in-ones. We’re also going to wash them ourselves (no diaper service!) and line dry whenever possible.

So I’ve started building up my cloth diaper stash. Having never done this before–and knowing no one in my generation who does it–I’m not quite sure exactly what I’ll need. But I have done tons of research, so I feel moderately prepared. At this point I’ve purchased:

Prefolds: 24
Kissaluvs Contours Small: 5
Imse Vimse Contours: 6
Kissaluvs Fitted 0: 2
Little Lions Fitted NB: 1
Bum Genius AOI Small: 1
Bumkins AOI Small: 1
Kushies AOI NB: 1

Prorap Covers NB: 4
Prorap Covers Small: 4
Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Small: 1
Bummi Cotton Cover Small: 1

Microfleece Liners NB: 6
Doublers: 3

Snappis: 3
Pail Liners: 2
Cloth Wipes: 60

I think that should be enough to get me started.

I bought from 3 different Internet stores to take advantage of low prices, stocked brands and free shipping minimums. Ultimately, the diaper stash has cost me $310. Not exactly cheap. But I think this stash could go for the first 4-6 months of Baby’s life, and some of these items will be used for all of Baby’s diaper years (like the pail liners, cloth wipes and Snappis). I definitely expect to save money in the long run, even if the initial upfront cost is pretty pricey.



  1. Tiffany said,

    I have found that I love the Bum Genius AIO’s. When the little one grows out of these you can sell them on http://www.diaperswappers.com and also purchase used cloth diapers there as well. That is where I get mine.

  2. Emily said,

    You should be set with that many diapers! How many you really need is a balance between how many dirty diapers you can stand to have piled up, and your willingness to wash them 😉

    I only had 6-10 AIOs, a dozen contoured ones and another dozen prefolds that quickly became dusting cloths! What you need to have is a LOT of liners! You’ll wash fewer diapers and save them from a lot of stains when you use liners.

    Fleece and wool diaper covers are THE BEST. They breathe, don’t leak, and my daughter never once had diaper rash – but I also gave her a lot of time throughout the day with no diaper, on a Depends pad.

    Good for you! Years later I look back at hanging diapers out on the line with great pride! It’s good for your pocketbook, the environment, and it’s a retro way to be more involved in all aspects of babyhood!

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