April 25, 2008

End of an Era

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Until a week ago, Hubby and I had one plan for whenever we were going to be out during a favorite TV show.

We set the VCR.

Yes, it’s an antiquated machine.  But it also served its purpose.

Unfortunately, the VCR decided to start munching our tapes.

A little research revealed that VCRs are no longer readily available for purchase.  Indeed, they’ve become something of an anomaly.

So now we’re stuck.  What are we to do when we’re away from home during The Big Bang Theory and BSG?

We considered DVR and TiVo.  We considered digging until we find another VCR.  We considered simply *gasp* missing our favorite shows.

But I tend to think, after Baby arrives, that I’ll need to watch a few adult shows when she’s down for the night.  It’ll be the closest thing I get to adult conversation during the days that Hubby works.

Right now we’re just bouncing around options, trying to weigh cost with convenience and availability.  Unfortunately, at this point, DVR is just out of our budget.


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  1. sara l said,

    We’re considering giving up our cable and it’s not the cable, but the DVR that I will miss. In the mean time if you live in an urban area consider Freecycle. Most are yahoo groups based around a city. In my area VCR’s come up quite often.

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