April 18, 2008

Cheap Versus Pricey Nursery

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I know it’s possible to spend thousands on a nursery… especially once you include fancy crib sets, expensive decorations and high-end furniture. But as a generally frugal person, I just can’t bring myself to pay $800+ for a crib that will probably be used for just a year or so.

Here are a few ways Hubby and I are cutting back on a nursery costs:

  • Inexpensive furniture: “Inexpensive” doesn’t necessarily mean “cheap.” I spent hours and hours researching cribs and baby furniture. I read books, Consumer Reports and online reviews. (Surprisingly, the online reviews were probably the most useful thing I read.) Based on quality, longevity, features and appearance, we ultimately decided on a crib that cost $250 at Sears. (But I found it for $180 at Wal-Mart.)
  • Using gifts: I was given a crib set as a gift at a shower. I don’t love it–it’s probably not what I would have chosen–but the price was right. And, over time, I’ve grown more fond of it. By using the quilt in the set as a wall hanging, I’ve taken care of the nursery decorations.
  • Keeping things minimal: We’re not buying a changing table. I figure a floor or bed will be just as useful. We’re also not buying any decorations (we’ll just use the crib quilt). The paint will be a simple green/beige theme that will hopefully last into Baby’s childhood years. As for things like diaper holders and baby wipe warmers… forget about it!
  • Using things we have: A few years ago, Hubby bought me a very nice rocking chair as an anniversary gift. It makes a nice chair for the nursery, and I won’t have to buy a thing. We also have some extra wooden bookshelves in the basement (leftover from another project). With a little bit of paint, they’ll be perfect for Baby’s wall. No purchase required!

There are things we probably could have done to be more frugal. We could have borrowed a crib, for example, and left the walls a stark white. But I think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping things within a workable budget.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    I was lucky in the fact that I received our crib and mattress second hand from a friend and our “changing table” was also free. It was an entertainement stand and it works great! I have a place to change the baby and drawers to put things in. If you decided you want something you don’t have know you can always go out and get it later.

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