March 21, 2008

Freebies for Baby

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In my 20s, I was completely and totally strapped for cash. Paychecks never stretched far enough, and I struggled to make ends meet. During that time I discovered the joy of freebies. I’d scour the Internet for free samples and free goods during my lunch hour at work. I scored a lot of great deals, including free tee-shirts, free sneakers and free shampoo and soap. These offers mainly came from businesses–both big and small–that hoped to gain customer loyalty and recognition from these free samples.

The freebie offers dried up about ten years ago. There are still some available, but not in the same quality or quantity as they were 10-15 years ago. You can still get free shampoo samples and tee-shirts, but offers like free Asic sneakers are generally not found these days.

However, now that Baby is on the way, I’ve found myself revisiting the world of online freebies. I’ve decided to stay aware of baby freebies for two reasons:

  • Babies cost money, and Hubby and I are trying to pinch our pennies.
  • Many baby items are used for only a brief period of time, making them a “disposable” purchase. Why not get them for free whenever possible?

So far these baby freebies have arrived in my mailbox:

  • A plastic bowl and baby spoon
  • A plastic sippy cup
  • A Pampers newborn diaper
  • A folder/notebook for tracking Baby’s health records
  • A fingerprint kit for Baby
  • Two paper coloring books (one about fire safety, one about the eye doctor)
  • A free subscription to American Baby magazine

Sure… the actual savings doesn’t add up to a ton of money. But every little bit counts!

So where do I find out about all these freebie offers? I mostly visit, which is regularly updated with the newest offers.


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