March 17, 2008

Breakfast For Dinner

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Breakfast, in general, tends to be a less expensive meal than dinner*. (Just ask any breakfast waitress, who usually makes less in tips than an evening waitress.) One of our favorite money-saving tips is to serve breakfast foods for our last meal of the day.

My favorite is probably eggs, toast and fried potatoes. (I prefer my eggs over-easy, but have been eating them scrambled because of the pregnancy.) Occasionally Hubby will make pancakes (his favorite). Sometimes I’ll make an egg and cheese sandwich on a biscuit, bagel or bun. It’s definitely an easy and cheap meal.

The same principle can be applied to meals made primarily from eggs, too. Quiche makes an inexpensive dinner, as does egg salad sandwiches.

Even serving lunch for dinner–such as grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup–can cut costs.

Unfortunately, the meal we most often eat in restaurants is dinner, which usually means we have to order a traditional evening meal. If there were more restaurants that served breakfast all day long, we’d be able to use this principle to cut our “dining out” tab, too.

*As an interesting note, I’ve found that most of the people in my geographic area tend to call their evening meal “supper.” “Dinner,” on the other hand, refers to the noon-time meal. At one time, my town was largely a farming community. I think this may be a throwback to the era when the afternoon meal was, indeed, quite hearty. Thus, it was termed “dinner” and the evening meal was called “supper.”


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  1. Tiffany said,

    I enjoy makin quiche for dinner with whatever veggies I have in the house. Another money saver is to use beans or lentils instead of meat.

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