March 12, 2008

Paying For A Pool

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:08 am by bitsypieces

As my belly grows with Baby, I’ve been thinking about new ways to exercise. In the past, swimming has been a favorite activity. And I know lots of pregnant ladies who say the “weightlessness” of swimming is wonderful in the later stages of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the only indoor swimming facilities in this area are part of the YMCA. I do have a few reasons to join the Y, such as:

  • Extra facilities that I could use right now, such as a swimming pool
  • Extra facilities and services that we might use in the future, such as racquetball courts and babysitting
  • Special events–such as Mom’s Day–that may help me connect with other mothers

However, there are some cons, too, such as:

  • Cost is $600+ annual fee, plus $100 sign-up fee
  • The nearest YMCA facility is a 15-20 minute drive… just far enough away to be inconvenient

I could try and get some part-time work in the babysitting center of the YMCA. This would give me a free membership. It’s worth considering, although I have no experience working in a childcare center so I might not get hired.

We could also try a month-to-month membership, which has a cheaper sign-up fee but is more expensive monthly. However, it would give us an opportunity to see if we’d really use the facility before we commit to a year-long membership.

And finally, we could pay the daily “guest” pass rate when I want to swim… which actually could end up costing us the least amount of money (although it’s not the most economical option) if I only swim once a week.


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