March 6, 2008

Free Labor

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Paying for services like plumbing or house painting can get pricey.  Most contractors charge a minimum of $50 per hour for this type of work, although it’s sometimes possible to find an independent guy who will do it for a little less.  But even at the cost of $25 per hour, a small home project can cost hundreds in labor!

Hubby and I have obtained these free services in the past include:

  • Installation of laminate flooring
  • Interior house painting
  • Demolition to prep for bathroom remodel
  • Moving

And this summer, we plan to add on to our outside deck with free labor.

So, how do we get all these services for free?

Well… free may be a bit of an exaggeration.  We do pay out in food, beer and reciprocated labor.

We’re fortunate that among our close friends are a group of very handy guys.  Their skills include carpentry, electrical work and plumbing, as well as all the basic “man skills” for the average home improvement project.  The rule among our group is simple:  Beer and food is provided to all workers, and the favor is returned when needed.

To reciprocate, Hubby and I have helped install flooring, demolition kitchens, paint walls and build decks at our friends’ homes, too.  So it evens out in the end, and it’s an agreement that serves us all.

Cooperation and close friendship has many benefits beyond simple money savings, but the financial perks are a nice extra!


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