March 1, 2008

H2O Savings

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I admit it.  I occasionally purchase bottled water.  I oftentimes buy a single bottle when I’m out running errands, and I usually have a case in the house (so I can grab a bottle when I leave the house).

But I firmly believe that bottled water is both a waste of environmental resources and money.  So I started carrying around my own water in a refillable bottle that’s similar to a Nalgene bottle.

Then, of course, came the information that these hard plastic bottles may release a chemical that can affect a body’s hormonal system.  (See article about this issue here.)

So I’d love to switch to stainless steel bottles, but they’re so darn expensive!  The most popular brand is Klean Kanteen, and a 40 oz. bottle is about $26 (plus shipping).  That’s a huge chunk of money for a reusable bottle.  And to meet the needs of both me and Hubby, I’d probably need to buy at least 4.  Frankly, $100 for 4 water bottles seems way unreasonable.

For now, I’m limping through with a couple of plastic bottles and one stainless steel bottle.  In the meantime, I’ll stay on the lookout for any clearance sales or secondhand deals on stainless steel bottles.  If you hear of a great deal, please let me know!


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  1. Katie said,

    That is expensive, but think how long they’ll last. It’s worth the expense if you’ll use them.

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