February 26, 2008

Hiding Valuables

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I don’t have a lot of valuables in the house.  We don’t keep much cash–just $40 or so–lying around.  I don’t have any expensive jewelry (except my engagement/wedding rings, which I always wear).

However, I do have a few pieces of jewelry that have sentimental meaning.  Their actual financial worth is pretty small.  For example, one item is a silver locket that probably cost $15 at most.  It belonged to my mother.

Although these pieces are pretty much worthless in terms of monetary value, they mean a great deal to me.  And it’s possible that some amateur burglar might mistake them for something of financial value.

So I need a safe place to stash these pieces around the house.

I’ve been browsing the Internet and looking for good hiding place suggestions, but nothing really seems adequate.  Apparently, from things I’ve read (such as this blog post), most of my ideas for a hiding spot are kind of old news to most burglars.  So far I’ve eliminated:

  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Bathroom/kitchen cabinets
  • Anywhere near the bed
  • Anywhere in the bedroom closet
  • Anywhere near the toilet, including tampon boxes
  • Anywhere near my dresser
  • In any “standard” diversion safe, like a hollowed out book or pet food can

As you can see… that doesn’t leave a lot of places.

Anyone care to make a suggestion?


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  1. Lana said,

    Maybe under the trash in the kitchen garbage can? 😀

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