February 17, 2008

Smart or Spendthrift?

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:47 am by bitsypieces

(Here’s another opportunity for you to tell me if my recent purchase was smart or spendthrift!) 

Books are probably my biggest weakness when it comes to spending.  Although I could borrow from the library, I prefer to own my books.  I hope that, when we build a house in the future, I’ll have a combination home office/library with a bunch of built-in bookcases… and I’ll already have a nice stock of paperbacks to fill the shelves.

In the meantime, I do try to purchase most of my books secondhand to cut back on the cost.

One bookstore in my local area sells ALL their used books–hardbacks and paperbacks–for $1.  I’ve picked up some gems like Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Charlotte’s Web to read to Baby while she’s still in my belly.

So here’s the info about today’s purchase:

Although I am not a big romance fan, I sometimes indulge in a “bodice ripper” if I want some light reading before bed.  I’ve been thinking about acquiring Janet Dailey’s Americana series (50 books, each one set in a different state).  Today I found 46 of them at the used bookstore.  So for $46 plus tax, I got myself a nice big box of paperbacks.

It may sound like a lot of cash, but I think the hours and hours and hours of entertainment make it a worthwhile purchase.  What do you think?


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