February 14, 2008

A New Kind Of Valentine’s Day

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In the past, our Valentine’s Day celebration typically included an expensive restaurant meal (with wine), plus a bottle or two of wine at home.  Hubby and I purchased each other cards, plus maybe a small gift (like some undies).  Total spent would have probably been about $150-$200.

Well, pregnancy–and our new desire to save money–has changed this year’s Valentine’s celebration.   Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Going out to lunch at an inexpensive restaurant.
  • Skipping the wine.  (Not good for Baby!)
  • Skipping the gifts.
  • Playing rented video games.  (It’s some of our favorite “couple” time.)

Sure… it’s not the most exciting Valentine’s Day ever.  But our cost was about $25.  Not as cheap as homemade cards and a homemade meal of red beans and white rice… but still less expensive than previous years.


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  1. Leanne said,

    We didn’t do anything for Valentines Day but tonight we will probably exchange back massage’s (something we both enjoy) 😉 I think cards are highly over priced anyway, they usually cost $5 or more and what does a person really do with them after?!? Throw them away!! I’d rather have the $5 or a coffee!! 🙂 he he

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