February 8, 2008

Skimping on Workout Clothes

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In my pre-pregnancy days, I was fairly active. Most of my workout clothing consisted of moderately form-fitted shirts, pants and tops. Almost everything was specialty moisture-wicking fabrics.

Once I got pregnant, I knocked back my workout routine to some basic walking. (And, in verity, I don’t walk as much as I should.) Even though my workouts aren’t as strenuous, I still need to be wearing comfortable clothing during these walks.

And, unfortunately, my regular stuff is starting to get really tight on me.

Maternity workout clothes are alarmingly expensive and difficult to find, as I blogged about in my fitness blog. Moderate priced activewear for pregnant ladies (from stores like JCPenney) costs about $18 per piece.

For a total workout wardrobe to get me through pregnancy, I estimate my needs to be this:

  • 3 short-sleeved tee-shirts
  • 2 pairs long pants
  • 2 pairs shorts

(I have an oversized jacket that I can wear during colder days.)

The total cost for all those pieces would be a whopping $126. There’s no way I’m spending that kind of cash.

So, I guess I’m going to hobble along in Hubby’s oversized sweatpants and tee-shirts for now. When I get too big for those, I’ll revisit prices. I may be able to find some cheap plain cotton tees and shorts for a relatively low price on eBay. They won’t be as comfortable as my moisture-wicking outfits–especially in the summer–but they’ll be a lot cheaper.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    Check out Old Navy. I picked up a size large blank yoga pants and wore them all of the time. I would workout in them and they were also nice enough that as a pregnant women I could pull off wearing them to work (very causal work environment), then they would double as PJ’s. Also since they are not maternity pants I am still wearing them until I fit into my small yoga pants. I also love how they sat under my belly and did not fall down.

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