February 7, 2008

Home or Store?

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(I’ve decided to do an occasional Home or Store? post that investigates the difference between “homemade” and “store bought” items.)

Before I even got pregnant, I had decided to use cloth diapers. The benefits are numerous (better for baby, better for environment, etc.).

As I explored the issue of cloth diapers, I also realized that many people use cloth wipes. And I decided that cloth wipes were also the best choice for me.

In terms of cloth wipes, there seem to be two different options:

  • Use baby wash cloths as wipes
  • Sew my own from fabric

I generally believe that “making your own” is the most economical and environmentally sound choice. And that was, indeed, my first impulse. Then I realized:

  • I’d have to purchase fabric.
  • I don’t own a serger sewing machine, so I’d have to tuck in the hems of every wipe.
  • My sewing skills are, well, amateur at best.

On the other hand, buying baby wash cloths would cost a small fortune (and how would I keep diaper wipes separate from Baby’s bath wash cloths)?

Here were my estimates for 50 wipes:

Homemade Flannel Wipes

  • 4 yards of flannel fabric: $12 (on sale)
  • 1 spool of thread: $1.50
  • Time required: 25 hours

Store Bought Baby Wash Cloths

  • 50 baby wash cloths: $75
  • Time required: 10 minutes in a baby store

Homemade baby wipes are obviously the cheaper option. But they also require 25 hours of my time… much more than I want to devote to this type of project.

I did come up with a third possible solution: Buy homemade cloth baby wipes on eBay. Right now there’s a seller who’s selling baby wipes made from flannel fabric for $6 per dozen (including shipping). So my total for 50 would be $25. That’s a little more than twice as much as my homemade versions, but it would definitely save me a BIG hassle.



  1. clothmama said,

    I use cloth wipes with home made wipe solution it saves so much

  2. kimc said,

    You might be able to shop around and find baby wash cloths for far less than $1.50 apiece. Our local Dollar Tree sells them 6/$1!
    You could also cut old towels into the right size and do a simple zigzag stitch around the edges. Not as pretty, but looks aren’t everything…and you wouldn’t have to worry about telling them apart from the baby’s good wash cloths.
    BTW, thanks for joining the Frugal Blogroll. I have added your blog to the list.

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