February 4, 2008

Should we invest in a deep freeze?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:22 pm by bitsypieces

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this topic!

Hubby and I have never really needed a deep freeze. We don’t eat beef, chicken or pork products, so the only meat we buy is seafood. We don’t garden, so we have no “surplus” to freeze in the summer. And I never really got into the whole “stockpiling” thing, except for paper products like toilet paper (which doesn’t need to be frozen!).

But now that baby is on the way–and I’m trying to be more frugal–I’ve been rethinking the deep freeze. I’m guessing it can be used to freeze:

  • Seafood purchased on sale
  • Bread and butter purchased on sale
  • Frozen veggies purchased on sale
  • Leftover casseroles and soups for quickie meals
  • Homemade baby food for quickie meals

But as I look at that small list of items, I have to wonder if a deep freeze is really worth the expense (both the initial purchase and the monthly electric cost). What if it only ends up “half full” most of the time?

Anyone care to chime in? Is a deep freeze worth the money? If so, what else do you store in it?



  1. Leanne said,

    I think the only time you need to invest in a deep freeze is when you plan on cooking or baking large amounts of food that you want to save for later. But if you can fit that in your fridge freezer then why would you invest in a freezer that is barely used?

    We resently purchased a upright deep freeze cause it takes up less room and is easier to get stuff out of but I find that we don’t use it to it’s potential. Maybe after baby is born and I have more time at home to cook and bake then it will get filled up. I also find that I forget what is in it and I worry about not using the food quick enough and it getting freezer burnt? It’s all personal choice and you can get some pretty cheap deep freezers (even brand new they aren’t that bad).

  2. The nice thing about a freezer (at least an upright) is there is more room to see all your frozen food. The buyers of our last house wanted our freezer so I don’t have one right now. I find that with less space, I cram a bunch of stuff in the freezer and forget it is there because it is under other things. That being said, sometimes if you overbuy for a freezer, food goes bad before you can use it all. I’d invest in a second fridge over a deep freeze. You have the extra freezer space, but you can also store extras like butter or drinks in the fridge.

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