January 30, 2008

Smart or Spendthrift?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:38 pm by bitsypieces

Sometimes we should spend money, and sometimes we shouldn’t. I always have a problem differentiating between the two scenarios. Take the following recent event:

Background: The room in our house that will become the nursery is currently Hubby’s “catchall” room. So, as we prep the nursery, we need to find space for Hubby’s stuff–an armoire, Hubby’s clothes, bookcases, etc. We’re going to move it into the office, which is already super-cramped with two desks (mine and Hubby’s), office equipment/supplies, and numerous bookshelves.

I had three options:

  • Cheapest: Cram everything in the office as best as I could, and pray the clutter didn’t drive me mad.
  • Moderate Cost: Purchase two new, smaller desks for me and Hubby. This would free up some space and give us a little more room.
  • Expensive Cost: Purchase a new laptop computer for me, allowing me to do more work in other rooms of the house.

After much debate and discussion, I opted to buy two new desks. They were on sale for $50 each at Office Depot. I found a $20 off $100 from Wow-Coupons.com. Next-day shipping was free, so I got two new computer desks for a total of $80. It’s hard to find inexpensive used computer desks in good shape (the nice, old wood ones are generally too big for my needs), so I think I got a good buy.

But was it a smart buy?


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