January 28, 2008

Balancing Frugality With “Baby Excitement”

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So I spent a few hours surfing the Internet for nursery accessories and baby gear. There are just soooooo many cute things out there. And the cost can add up to thousands!

I’d love to decorate Baby’s room in lots of matching items and have all the latest high-tech gear. But it just doesn’t fit into our financial philosophy (or our budget!). So I keep trying to remind myself:

  • Baby cares most about love and security, not matching curtains and quilts.
  • Used items do not require additional resources from the earth, making them eco-friendly.
  • Baby will outgrow all the decorations and gear in just a short period of time.
  • Saving money for Baby’s future is much more important than buying gadgets like wipe warmers.

I’ve come to realize that many things–like an elaborate, expensive nursery theme–is actually for the parents and guests instead of Baby. And isn’t that just another way of “keeping up with the Joneses”?

I’m going to do my best to outfit Baby and nursery with gifts and secondhand items. Sure… maybe we’ll paint Baby’s dresser so all the colors match. But I’m not going to fret if the quilt set is Noah’s Ark and the curtains are Winnie the Pooh.


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  1. Robyn said,

    CONGRATS on having a girl!!! So exciting 🙂
    I’m totally with you on the frugality thing…in all honestly, the only thing we’ve purchased for the kid thus far is a pair of converse high tops. All the furniture was stuff that we already had and just repainted and figured out how to make it usefull (such as a desk as a changing table). My parents sprung for the crib, but even that was only a couple hundred bucks. I know people who’ve spent $400 plus on a crib.
    I’ve gotten TONS of hand me downs from friends, which is awesome because then really it just needs to be washed and wiped down. Not sure if you have friends with kids – but they are an excellent resource for free stuff! Luckily I have a crafty family because my sister in law is making all our bedding – I spent only $60 on material for all the bedding, curtains, and some pillows. Going online and looking, I was cringing at the prices for that kind of stuff…
    Also – secondhand stores, or ebay is a good place too…I’ve gotten almost all my maternity clothes secondhand because they’re so darn expensive. Best of luck – I think you’ll definately be able to get what you need and keep the cost down. Are you having another shower before the baby comes?

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