January 24, 2008

Turning Off The TV

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Think Simple Now recently wrote a post titled The 9 Step Television Diet. Her post detailed some of the reasons we get “sucked” into watching TV, its negative effects on our health and minds, and some ways to cut back on our TV time.

I never used to watch a lot of TV. When I got my first job out of grad school, I lived alone in an apartment. Although I had a TV (and cable), I never turned it on. Instead, when I came home from work, I cracked open a book and read until bedtime. That was my Mon-Fri routine, and I loved it.

Fast forward 3 years, when I married a TV-addict. Hubby turns on the TV most evenings around 6PM, and it stays on until bedtime (often 3-4 AM). That’s a lot of TV!

I’ve already made it clear that I do not want the TV constantly on once Baby is born. I have every intention of teaching our child that there is activity outside of TV. Television shows will be occasional treats rather than the everyday norm. And I’ve forewarned Hubby that he better start finding other activities for his time.

But as of yet… no dice. He still watches tons of TV. And I’ve found myself spending hours–and hours and hours–in front of the Idiot Box, too. Hubby’s TV addiction has rubbed off on me, and it’s making me depressed.

So, inspired by Think Simple Now‘s post, I’m going to put myself on a TV diet. Here’s my plan:

Current TV Consumption: If I’m to be totally and absolutely honest, I probably watch an average of 6 hours of TV per day. That totals 42 hours a week!

TV Consumption Goal: I’d like to cut back to a total of 14 hours per week. (I’d like to cut out more than that, but that’s my first goal.)


  • Choose specific (favorite) programs I want to watch. Shun all others.
  • Keep other activities–books, knitting, etc.–readily available.
  • Engage Hubby in other activities, such as board games or card games, to elicit his support.

I hope this works! I’ll keep you posted about my progress.


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  1. Karen Halls said,

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

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