January 23, 2008

A big budget change

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:49 am by bitsypieces

Since I started tracking our monthly spending in June ’07, we typically averaged $150 a month on liquor store purchases. This was mostly wine… although some beer and hard liquor (mostly for entertaining).

Of course, I quit drinking once I got pregnant in October.

Our November liquor expenditures totaled $29, mostly because of a small party we hosted.

Our December liquor costs totaled exactly $0.

Our total alcohol savings–not including the cash we save by not drinking when we go out to restaurants–during my 9-month pregnancy will be about $1,350. (That’s a nice chunk of change to buy supplies for Baby!) Wow! It’s hard to believe I spent that much on my evening glass(es) of Merlot.

And since we’ll be drinking less–and hosting fewer parties–after Baby arrives, I suspect we’ll be able to keep our alcohol costs low for quite a while.



  1. Tiffany said,

    Ever since got pregnant out liquor bill dropped as well. If I am not having a glass of wine hubby doesn’t want one either.

  2. Jessica said,

    Wow- $1500? Thats insane (and great that you’re now saving it).

    My fav wine is Cafe Zinfandel (Gallo) and my sister told me on Christmas that they’re apparently discontinuing it. I teared up upon hearing the news. Sad, I know.

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