January 16, 2008

Early shower

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Although I am just hitting the 15-week mark, I am having a small, early baby shower.

My mom is very sick. She has cancer, and it’s possible she won’t be around when the baby is born. This would be her first grandchild… a grandchild she’s been desperately praying for ever since I got married 6 years ago.

Two of her friends have decided to throw me an early baby shower–just something small and simple–so that my mother has a chance to share in the experience of this baby while she’s still able. It’s heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time.

Someone emailed me today and asked what type of things I already had for the baby. My honest response: We don’t have a thing yet.

I am a minimalist by nature, and am hoping to bring in this baby under budget!  So I’ve been reluctant to purchase anything until I find out what are the necessities and what are the luxuries (that I can do without).  Our credit card debt is zero, and I plan to keep it that way.

In the meantime… I have more important things to worry about than baby supplies.



  1. Leanne said,

    Sorry to hear your mom isn’t doing so well! 😦 I can’t wait for my shower, it sounds like so much fun!! 😉 Little outfits and miniture socks, cute little toys – it all sounds so cute! Hopefully everything goes well!

  2. Robyn said,

    Oh wow, that is so nice of them…and yet, a bittersweet experience because of the reason behind it. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom – that must be really hard, I can’t even imagine. Hang in there…

    I honestly wouldn’t purchase anything until you do have your showers – you’ll probably get alot of the stuff you need from them 🙂 Have any access to hand me downs? We’ve gotten a ton of stuff from friends that are done having their own kids…we waited quite a bit longer than our friends, which has ended up being a real benefit! hehe

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