January 7, 2008

Hoping for a heartbeat…

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:05 pm by bitsypieces

We have another doctor appointment in 2 days, and I’m really hoping to heat the heartbeat on the doppler.  If I do, I think most of my miscarriage fears will subside.

My morning sickness is definitely better… I feel slightly queasy a few times a day, but nothing like the total nausea I was feeling over Christmas.

I managed to take a short (and slow) walk on Saturday, and I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow.  I’d like to get to the point where I’m exercising 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes, even if it’s only walking!



  1. That fear would be so stressful. I’m hoping you hear a nice, loud heartbeat on the 9th.

    You’re still having morning sickness, though, which I would consider a good sign!

  2. Leanne said,

    I also have a doctor appointment on the 9th!! LOL 🙂 I’m hoping you get to hear the heartbeat, it is such an amazing feeling! Good luck at your doctors!

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