January 2, 2008

Lucky #13

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:10 pm by bitsypieces

Today is the first day of my 13th week.  Although I don’t think I’m officially in the second trimester (Doesn’t that happen on week 14?) I do feel a bit more confident that this baby is going to stick.

I’ve been having some cramps during the last few days… mostly PMS-y type cramps, although some that feel more like pulling and stretching.  I worry over them–like I worry over everything–but so far they seem to be normal.

I’ve also been battling a horrible, horrible cold.  Unfortunately, this means I haven’t been doing any exercise at all.  Although I don’t think I’m gaining a ton of weight right now, I would love to be taking regular walks.  I can’t wait to rid myself of this cold so I can hit the pavement again.

My morning sickness (A misnomer!  It should be called all-day-sickness!) has started to subside.  The last few days were rotten, but I am feeling a bit better today.  This is thrilling for me, as I hope to once again find vegetables appealing.


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  1. Leanne said,

    I also have found veggies to be unappealing during this time (mostly carrots) – and I also hope to enjoy a few salads now that I feel like I have good days ahead! 😉 But it seems that just when I think the queasy feeling is over it comes back twice as bad as before!? I hope it goes away soon!

    Hope you had a good holiday!! 🙂

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