December 31, 2007

Sobriety on the biggest drinking night of the year…

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I consider myself a moderate drinker, though I might fall almost into the “heavy” drinker range.  When not pregnant, I typically consume 1-2 glasses of wine most evenings… plus 4-7 glasses one night a week.

Obviously, pregnancy has put an end to my evening recreation.  And though I longed for my wine initially, I miss it less these days.

Tonight is the biggest amateur night of the year, when all the lightweights are out in a big way.  My particular circle of friends, however, are definitely not amateurs.  When it comes to drinking, some of them could probably go pro.

We haven’t yet told our friends about the pregnancy, and we decided to reveal the news tonight.  It’s going to be pretty obvious anyway, since I won’t be drinking.  That alone is enough to raise suspicions.

I’ll be arriving at the party earlier than Hubby.  We want to announce the news together, so I have to “fake” drinking until he gets there.  I’m going to try:

  • Pouring myself a glass of cranberry juice and telling everyone it’s vodka and cranberry.
  • Snagging someone’s empty beer can, filling it with water, and carrying it around.

I guess I’ll get to see how sneaky I am tonight.


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  1. katie said,

    That is awesome! I love the “pretend drinking” ideas:) We had a similar night on new year’s eve:) Thanks so much for your warm thoughts on our blog….we need all the good luck we can get these days:) Happy new year!

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