December 28, 2007

So we announced our pregnancy…

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And my family was totally NOT surprised.  They even had a baby toy ready to give me.

According to my family, they were suspicious because I was “gaining weight,” “getting bigger boobs,” and “changing my eating habits.”  And it’s not like I spend a lot of time around my family… I’ve probably seen them twice since Thanksgiving.

Guess they’re more observant than I thought.

Hubby’s family seemed surprised, however (or were at least polite enough to act surprised).

My mom is probably standing on the street corner and handing out announcements, though I did ask her to kinda keep it quiet for a while.  (She won’t.)

We’ll be telling friends our news on New Year’s Eve.  But they see me more often than my family–and truthfully, they know me better, too–so they probably have their suspicions as well.


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  1. Leanne said,

    Congrats on making your big announcment!! We were going to wait till Chirstmas but I’m not very good at keeping secrets and we told family the same weekend we found out! It was just too exciting to hold that info in! 😉

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