December 7, 2007


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Although I’ve only gained 1.5 lbs since finding out I was pregnant, my waistline has definitely expanded. It’s almost like I have this massive pooch… the way my tummy pushes out after a big meal or when I’m bloating really really bad.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me look pregnant. It just makes me look fat.

As a result, I’ve really been struggling with my wardrobe.

First, I put away all the clothes that I know I won’t fit into this winter (basically the clothes I was hoping to lose enough weight to wear).

Then I purchased a few items. I didn’t got on a major shopping spree, but I bought a few voluminous empire tops/shirts and some jeans and pants that are a size or two bigger than I normally wear. (I figure these items will work for post-delivery before I lose the baby weight, too.)

I intend to put off buying maternity clothes for as long as possible, and instead try to make it for a while in my too-big pants and baggy shirts (plus a Bella Band once my tummy really started to expand).

It all seemed to be going so well, and then I remembered Hubby’s office Christmas party. Next week.

All of my winter party dresses (I have two) are rather form-fitting. If I wear them to Hubby’s party, his co-workers are all going to start whispering about his wife’s flabby stomach!

So now I have to plan a shopping trip for a holiday party dress… not my favorite thing to do, especially during this crazed shopping season. Also, I am super picky, and I know that I’ll shop for hours without finding the right dress.

But I gotta do something… so shopping it is. If I get really lucky, maybe I’ll find the perfect dress… I hate the babydoll dress look, but maybe if I wear it I’ll look fashion-forward:




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  1. Leanne said,

    I also plan on doing a little shopping this weekend, my “fat” pants are starting to get a little tight and I want a nice outfit for Christmas! 🙂 Have fun shopping!! 😉

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