December 2, 2007

The Dwarves

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:56 pm by bitsypieces

Under the best of circumstances (i.e. not pregnant), my dwarf name would definitely be Grumpy.

These days, I’m Grumpy, Sleepy and a little bit of  Dopey.

Unfortunately, Hubby is suffering the brunt of my grumpiness.  I seem to be constantly bitching that he’s not sympathetic enough and not focused enough on this pregnancy.

He doesn’t realize, I don’t think, that I am constantly aware that I am pregnant.  Each and every thing I do or consume or inhale goes through my “What will this do to the baby?” filter in my head.  Every bodily ache, pain and annoyance reminds me of the state of my body.  If I shift positions, my tender boobs let me know that I’m carrying a little olive.  I cannot escape my constant reminders of pregnancy.

He, on the other hand, continues on as if it were business as usual.

So I bitch and moan and groan that he’s not sympathetic and that he lacks interest in my pregnancy.  And he rolls his eyes and tells me I’m being grumpy.

Well, no real surprise there.  I always was a bit Grumpy.


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