December 31, 2007

Sobriety on the biggest drinking night of the year…

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I consider myself a moderate drinker, though I might fall almost into the “heavy” drinker range.  When not pregnant, I typically consume 1-2 glasses of wine most evenings… plus 4-7 glasses one night a week.

Obviously, pregnancy has put an end to my evening recreation.  And though I longed for my wine initially, I miss it less these days.

Tonight is the biggest amateur night of the year, when all the lightweights are out in a big way.  My particular circle of friends, however, are definitely not amateurs.  When it comes to drinking, some of them could probably go pro.

We haven’t yet told our friends about the pregnancy, and we decided to reveal the news tonight.  It’s going to be pretty obvious anyway, since I won’t be drinking.  That alone is enough to raise suspicions.

I’ll be arriving at the party earlier than Hubby.  We want to announce the news together, so I have to “fake” drinking until he gets there.  I’m going to try:

  • Pouring myself a glass of cranberry juice and telling everyone it’s vodka and cranberry.
  • Snagging someone’s empty beer can, filling it with water, and carrying it around.

I guess I’ll get to see how sneaky I am tonight.


December 28, 2007

So we announced our pregnancy…

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And my family was totally NOT surprised.  They even had a baby toy ready to give me.

According to my family, they were suspicious because I was “gaining weight,” “getting bigger boobs,” and “changing my eating habits.”  And it’s not like I spend a lot of time around my family… I’ve probably seen them twice since Thanksgiving.

Guess they’re more observant than I thought.

Hubby’s family seemed surprised, however (or were at least polite enough to act surprised).

My mom is probably standing on the street corner and handing out announcements, though I did ask her to kinda keep it quiet for a while.  (She won’t.)

We’ll be telling friends our news on New Year’s Eve.  But they see me more often than my family–and truthfully, they know me better, too–so they probably have their suspicions as well.

December 21, 2007

Caring for baby

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I’ve never been the type with a maternal instinct. I didn’t babysit when I was a teenager. I never had any young nieces or nephews. I didn’t have a younger sibling. I’ve basically never spent any time around kids. I’ve only held one baby in my life, and that was for about 30 seconds.

I spent years ambivalent about the idea of motherhood. And then once I decided that I did want children, Hubby and I immediately started trying to get pregnant.

I am a little unsure about the whole “caring for baby” aspect of it all. I don’t know how to change a diaper. I don’t know how to hold or feed a baby. And I have no idea what I’m supposed to do when it starts to cry.

Of course, I’ll probably read tons of books on this subject before Baby arrives… so hopefully that will help me be better prepared. But I’m also going to look around for some parenting classes in the local area. (Do you think they’ll pass out dolls to teach us how to diaper?)

December 17, 2007

Letting go of control

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I know that stress and worry is, for the most part, normal during pregnancy.  Everyone experiences a little bit of anxiety, right?

But since I’m a total control freak, my anxiety seems to be a bit above the “normal” mark.

I am trying to learn to give up control a bit.  I need to remember that this is in God’s hands.  Aside from a few small things that I can do to stay healthy, the outcome of this pregnancy and baby is pretty much out of my control.

This isn’t an easy thing for me, and I struggle with it all the time.  But I think it will be a good lesson for me to learn.  As this child grows into adulthood, there will be many, many, many situations in which I must relinquish control to allow my baby to flourish and grow.  I’m going to have to hope and trust.  And I’m going to have to just let go.

So I think this pregnancy is a great time for me to learn a little bit about myself and my ability to let go of control.

December 13, 2007


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So yesterday I had my second doctor’s appointment, and I should have been just hitting the 10 week mark (or maybe 9 weeks and 6 days).

Anyhoo… he tried to find the heartbeat with a doppler (he tried for about 3-4 minutes) and didn’t find anything.

I had been so hoping to hear the heartbeat…  and now I am totally stressed and worried that something is wrong!  I am even rethinking my idea of revealing the news to family/friends on Christmas.

I know most everything looks good.  I heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks 4 days, I haven’t had any major cramping or any spotting, and I still have some symptoms (my boobs are still sore).

Hubby thinks we should probably go ahead and tell everyone at Christmas… but now I’m worried…

December 11, 2007

Worried about weight

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I am getting worried that I am gaining too much weight, and I’m only around 10 weeks!  I have a doctor’s appointment this week, so I guess we’ll see how much I’ve gained.  I dread stepping on the scale.

Like a lot of women, I have a bit of a body image problem.  It started in my mid-20s, when my bad eating habits finally caught up with me.  Although I’ve never really been overweight, I’ve always struggled a bit with my expanding waistline.

I’m trying to this of myself as “being pregnant” rather than “getting fatter.”

But I’m certain that the cookies, soy ice cream and peanuts are a factor in my ever-increasing weight.

December 7, 2007


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Although I’ve only gained 1.5 lbs since finding out I was pregnant, my waistline has definitely expanded. It’s almost like I have this massive pooch… the way my tummy pushes out after a big meal or when I’m bloating really really bad.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me look pregnant. It just makes me look fat.

As a result, I’ve really been struggling with my wardrobe.

First, I put away all the clothes that I know I won’t fit into this winter (basically the clothes I was hoping to lose enough weight to wear).

Then I purchased a few items. I didn’t got on a major shopping spree, but I bought a few voluminous empire tops/shirts and some jeans and pants that are a size or two bigger than I normally wear. (I figure these items will work for post-delivery before I lose the baby weight, too.)

I intend to put off buying maternity clothes for as long as possible, and instead try to make it for a while in my too-big pants and baggy shirts (plus a Bella Band once my tummy really started to expand).

It all seemed to be going so well, and then I remembered Hubby’s office Christmas party. Next week.

All of my winter party dresses (I have two) are rather form-fitting. If I wear them to Hubby’s party, his co-workers are all going to start whispering about his wife’s flabby stomach!

So now I have to plan a shopping trip for a holiday party dress… not my favorite thing to do, especially during this crazed shopping season. Also, I am super picky, and I know that I’ll shop for hours without finding the right dress.

But I gotta do something… so shopping it is. If I get really lucky, maybe I’ll find the perfect dress… I hate the babydoll dress look, but maybe if I wear it I’ll look fashion-forward:



December 5, 2007


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Things seem to be a bit better these days… Although I still get occasional bouts of queasiness, they are less frequent and less severe.  My boobs are still sore, but overall they aren’t quite as painful as they’ve been during the past few weeks.

I am hoping these are all improvements and good signs that the placenta is beginning to take over hormone production.

I’m praying that these are not signs of something about to go terribly wrong.

I’m such a damn pessimist…   But I’m hopeful!  I still feel pregnant, and I’m growing attached to our little olive.

7-month Pregnant Woman Tasered By Cops

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Here’s a freakin’ scary news story:

December 2, 2007

The Dwarves

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Under the best of circumstances (i.e. not pregnant), my dwarf name would definitely be Grumpy.

These days, I’m Grumpy, Sleepy and a little bit of  Dopey.

Unfortunately, Hubby is suffering the brunt of my grumpiness.  I seem to be constantly bitching that he’s not sympathetic enough and not focused enough on this pregnancy.

He doesn’t realize, I don’t think, that I am constantly aware that I am pregnant.  Each and every thing I do or consume or inhale goes through my “What will this do to the baby?” filter in my head.  Every bodily ache, pain and annoyance reminds me of the state of my body.  If I shift positions, my tender boobs let me know that I’m carrying a little olive.  I cannot escape my constant reminders of pregnancy.

He, on the other hand, continues on as if it were business as usual.

So I bitch and moan and groan that he’s not sympathetic and that he lacks interest in my pregnancy.  And he rolls his eyes and tells me I’m being grumpy.

Well, no real surprise there.  I always was a bit Grumpy.