November 17, 2007

Am I crazy?

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:37 pm by bitsypieces

Part of me can’t help but wonder if some of this stuff is all in my head.  I totally want to experience pregnancy symptoms, because that means my hormones are pumping out strong.  (Some women who have miscarried say that the first sign was their symptoms fading.)

But pregnancy symptoms are so subjective.  Am I imagining them because I want them so badly, or are they really there?  Here have been my biggies so far:

1.  Sore boobs:  My boobs are always tender, but sometimes to a greater degree than others.  Sometimes they just hang around and hurt, other times they only feel tender if I push on them.

2.   Queasiness:  This comes and goes so much that I’m not even sure if it’s there!  It could be all in my imagination, although I don’t think so.  And I notice that I tend to get queasy whenever my boobs are super sore (maybe a hormone surge?).  Still… I wish my “morning sickness” was more definitive and less “could be my imagination.”

3.  Fatigue:   I’m taking a 15-30 minute nap almost every day, which is highly unusual for me.  But, again, fatigue is one of those things that could just be “all in my head.”  Maybe I’m just lazy…

That’s about it.  No other symptoms.  I kind of wish I had something more definite… more measurable.  I just want a healthy, safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.   I keep feeling like I’ll be more secure after the ultrasound, but I doubt it.  I’m such a worrywart.


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