November 9, 2007

Must… have… coffee…

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Hi.  My name’s Bitsy, and I’m a caffeine-holic.

It started innocently enough with the occasional cup of java in high school at the diner… feeling grown-up with my black coffee and Camel cigarette.

By the time I got to college, it became a pot of coffee at night (for late-night study cram sessions) and a pot in the morning (to deal with head-pounding hangovers).

Grad school was more of the same.

When I finally got older–and wiser about my health–I ditched the coffee (and cigarettes) and switched to black tea.  “It’s full of antioxidants,” I said, justifying my caffeine habit.

And, I fully admit, the occasional cup of coffee still slipped into my diet.

Well, when I realized I was pregnant, I dropped all caffeine from my diet.  When I meet with my doctor next week, I plan on asking about it.  (Please, God, let her say that a cup per day is acceptable.)

In the meantime, every morning I am dragging my ass around like a lost zombie, aimlessly searching for something to get my brain charged.  Cheerios just ain’t cutting it.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    One cup a day is just fine. I actually have switched from one cup of full caff coffee to half caf – that way I don’t feel guilty if I happen to have a soda once in a great while.

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