November 5, 2007

Why does Discovery Health sound so appealing?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:02 pm by bitsypieces

Still some light cramping today, but it’s definitely less severe than in the past. Trying to get into a routine of regular walking… just 30 minute walks around the neighborhood. At one point I was very fit, but it’s been 6 months since I was regularly running. So now I am easing back into it. My one regret: I sure wish I had kept up my fitness so I wasn’t starting out as a “beginner” during pregnancy.

Discovery Health is constantly running TV shows about babies, pregnancy and parenting during daytime hours. I guess that’s what appeals to their core audience at that time. I found myself almost turning on the TV to watch Birth Day and Runway Moms. I did end up resisting the urge. But I gotta say… it was startlingly seductive.

But the last things I need are more TV shows to watch.


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