October 25, 2007

Big Fat Negative

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:20 pm by bitsypieces

My cycle is *never* regular. It is typically 29-32 days, and in any given month it can fall on any day within that range. It’s not unusual for it to be 33, 34 or even 35 days, too.

Anyway, today is day 33 of my cycle, and no Aunt Flow yet (though plenty of cramping, twinging and sore boobs). So I decided to use a home pregnancy test today with first morning urine.

Big Fat Negative.

I strongly suspect that only women (and men) who are trying to conceive can really understand the sinking of the stomach that happens when you see that snow white pregnancy test. It’s like all hopes are dashed.

It’s still a very outside possibility that I might be pg. If my mittelschmerz pain is any symptom, I may have ovulated (late) on day 24 of my cycle and just caught the egg, since Hubby and I did the horizontal mambo about 3 days prior to that. In that case, the little fertilized egg may have just implanted, so I could be pg with a negative pregnancy test.

I know I’m probably holding onto false hope. But it’s the only kind of hope I have right now.


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